ICU Ministries

“Caring for others with the love of Jesus Christ.”

Permit the children to come to Me … for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”               Mark 10:14

“Go therefore and make disciple of all the nations…”                                                               Matthew 28:19

Although ICU is heavily geared to ministering to the special needs of women, we invite and welcome men and children to participate with us on the mission field.

· Ashley heads up our mission trip projects.   She has traveled to Moscow, to Johannesburg, South Africa and to the Kingdom of Lesotho.   While on mission God has worked through Ashley and other team members to reach the lost and heal the sick, accomplishing  miraculous results for HIS glory alone


· 2014 & 2015 Mission plans are in process to—

         * Israel  & Turkey

         * India

         * Canada

         * Honduras

          and to the uttermost ends of the earth, 

          as God leads…


· ICU partners with various ministries around the world to proclaim the gospel of Jesus as Lord and Savior and to encourage fulltime missionaries.

ICU Missions Abroad

Linda Taylor

Serving the Lord by serving others in Refilwe Community Center, near Johannesburg, South Africa.

South Africa team